Jonathan Groff Back on the Set of 'Glee'! (PHOTO)

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Glee is about to get a blast from the (first season) past!

Lea Michele teased Gleeks everywhere when she tweeted this picture of her and former co-star Jonathan Groff, who played Rachel Berry's tumultuous love interest and Glee club rival Jesse St. James, and said:

"Look who's baaack... :)"
What a tease, Lea! What will go down when he returns to McKinley High? Will he be fighting to have Rachel back? Or maybe even (gasp) helping out New Directions?!

Do any of you fellow Gleeks have theories? Share them with us on our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • Amanda

    UGGHH I dont want him to be back.. I just want Puck and Rachel together. Why can't they do that? and he broke Rachel's heart....