Justin Bieber Sings for Singapore (PHOTOS)


Justin Bieber is on top of the world!

The teen heartthrob, dressed in white and his trademark purple, sang his heart out for Singapore on Tuesday as part of his My World tour. Bieber fever was rampant in the area with the singer even retweeting a fan's post that read:

But Bieber himself seemed most excited about the bathrooms in Singapore, tweeting this peculiar message:
 "WHAT!?!? Singapore has heated toilet seats!?! @kennyhamiltonScore!! This really is a city from the future! lol"
Aside from his tour, Bieber is also looking to give back. The singer has teamed up with Pencils of Promise (PoP) to challenge his fans and society to help give back to education in a campaign called Schools4All. Bieber and nonprofit founder Adam Braun would like to see a slew of people make their own personal fundraising pages to raise money among their community so that Pencils of Promise can continue to build schools and educate others. The campaign runs from April 15th through June 30th, and one lucky participant will get a personal visit from Bieber himself at the school of their choice.


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  • hasarangani nimmika
    hasarangani nimmika

    i love justin beiber

  • Cherkanah Straker
    Cherkanah Straker

    "sing it!" u smile, i smile #neversaynever3D

  • meg

    awwwn doesn't he look so cute there

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    justin u look so hhhhoooooott lo0ve you

  • join us
    join us

    why are u angry??

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  • Savannah Bay
    Savannah Bay

    Oh sh*t now he's starting the crotch grabbing thing, cute!

  • chantale

    why do u have 2 be so awesomee!! :( :P love uuuuuuu

  • chantale

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuu!!

  • Kiki Rezpector
    Kiki Rezpector

    justin i loph u... soooooo much... muuuuachhh i loph u,, i loph u.

  • riri

    i love you jb i'm sorry i cant see you in jakarta

  • margarita

    hi justin I really like you your hair style the 2 I like I really whant to get tickets to your concert but I cant I dont now why at liste I can lisen to your songs and I can see your photo you are the most handsome boy ever and I saw your movi when it was finish the movi I cried so munch ok bye justin bieber

  • Jamee-Lee Taylor
    Jamee-Lee Taylor

    no he has bandaids on his finger because michael jackson did it so he does it to

  • Yolie Ngl
  • smoky760

    Doing good again. He's refreshing. A good role model for our kids.

  • idaolivia

    <3 love it!!!!!

  • justin bieber
    justin bieber

    so F***** cute

  • noah

    This comment made me giggle.

  • tatts09

    thousands of sweaty prepubescent girls who lack the sense of wearing deoderant running for the buses and trains just to catch the little closet lesbo really makes me thank the sweet lord above i'm not in singapore right now...although i do miss my country.

  • Rebecca Honey
    Rebecca Honey

    I love Justin. I think he's gorgeous. It's kind of that you feel wrong for fancying him. I'm 27. His songs are amazing. I'd be a cougar for him. But it is wrong.

  • bieberfan

    yes because he cuts his fingers while playing his guitar.

  • rainbowpanda

    love it love it love it

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  • rainbowpanda

    woah he looks wierd anyways must he always have a bandaid on his finger

  • rainbowpanda

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