Kristen Stewart Spotted On Set Wearing Wedding Ring! (PHOTOS)

Engagement Bling!
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K-Stew & R. Patz Kiss
R. Patz steals a kiss from his Twilight lover.
Kristen Stewart is wrapping up filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, and she was snapped earlier this week sporting some left-handed jewelry. 

The Twilight leading lady and her co-stars Guri Weinberg and Noel Fisher were on the set in Vancouver, and Kristen was wearing the wedding ring Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) gives her character Bella Swan in the film. In real-life romance news, it’s looking like things are getting hot and heavy between Kristen and R. Patz…

The two were spotted smooching in the back seat of a car in New York City just recently after the premiere of his movie Water for Elephants. Pattinson and Stewart have never confirmed their relationship in public despite most people assuming they’re indeed an item. Kristen didn’t walk the red carpet at the Elephants premiere, but she was reportedly secretly escorted in without anyone noticing.

Pattinson recently set female hearts aflutter when he revealed his hopes to get a family going. “I’d love to have a family” RPattz told the Chicago Sun-Times during an interview, adding that he’d like to have kids “sometime in the future.”