Watch All of Darren Criss’ ‘Glee’ Performances — So Far (VIDEO)

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We’re mere hours away from the newest episode of Glee (and Celebuzz’s exclusive Livestream with Darren Criss, which takes places Wednesday) so what better way to celebrate than watching every single one of his Glee performances (thus far) in chronological order?!

Whether he’s serendaing us with a ballad or getting us to tap our toes with an upbeat number, Darren has easily been one of the highlights this entire season of the hit Fox show.

So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive each of his riveting performances!

Darren’s first performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” on November 9’s episode “Never Been Kissed” set the bar for the rest of the season, and Darren has most certainly been living up to this standard! Watch it above!

The follow up to his debut was another popular song from 2010, as he put his Blaine spin on Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” during the episode “Special Education.”

Darren’s next song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” aired during Glee’s Christmas episode and many thought the long awaited kiss between Blaine and Kurt would take place during this duet, but sadly, fans were kept waiting.

Gleeks were kept waiting almost two months between the Christmas episode and the highly anticipated post Super Bowl episode, and it was graced with this Warblers number, their take on the classic Destiny’s Child tune “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

This next performance of Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone,” took place as Blaine attempted to confess his love for the Gaps’ junior manager during the Valentine’s Day episode (to no avail we might add).

Another number from “Silly Love Songs,” the appropriate Beatles number, “Silly Love Songs.” This could make even a cold hearted snake crack a smile!

Next up was Blaine and Rachel’s (drunken) rendition of the 80s hit “Don’t You Want Me Baby” from “Blame it on the Alcohol” episode, which then lead to a whole lot of awkwardness after Rachel fell for the gay stud.

Taking on the current hit “Animal” by Neon Trees was no problem for Blaine in the “Sexy” episode, but Kurt proved to have a little more trouble showing off his naughty side.

The Warblers take on Maroon 5’s “Misery” opened up the Regionals episode, “Original Song,” and we can’t think of any better way to start off any episode of Glee.

The Warblers might not have clinched Regionals with Hey Mondays “Candles” & Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” but they clinched the hearts of ladies every where with their silky smooth voices!

Which one is your fave? We’re partial to the OG “Teenage Dream,” performance but let us know what you think by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or join the debate on Facebook!