Win a Signed Pack of Kardashian SillyBandz!

Kim Kardashian SillyBandz Contest

Hi dolls!!! I have signed eight packs of Kardashian Glam Sillybandz for a fun giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on my post answering the following question:

Our Kardashian Sillybandz are called the Kardashian Glam and we included fun shapes like a purse, a pair of sunglasses, a DASH logo, and even silhouettes of ourselves! If you could design your own SillyBandz pack, what shapes would they be and what would you call them?

Want to enter your submission? Head on over to my site and leave your comment! The deadline to enter this contest is April 26 at 12pm PST.

You can also buy your own un-signed pack of Kardashian Glam Sillybandz here.



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  • sam

    Kardashian for your best look use styling tools

  • Nicola

    I would call mine Alphies (Alphabets) Pack The shapes would be letters, making phrases, sayings and names. XD

  • fose3

    I would call me the World Cup pack. It would include The World Cup Trophy and the shapes and names of the countries that had won the cup at least once......and if the pack comes out every 4 years it will also have the host nation's name. Ex. Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 and also the

  • Taylor

    I'd call mine the "Shades" Shapes would be: Nerd glasses (big glasses), Sunglasses, Shudder Shades, Glasses shaped as hearts, glasses shaped as stars. Well, thats about it (:

  • Adriana

    I wold call mine the rainbow pack. The shapes that would be in there would be a rainbow , a tie die dog, a Colorful star, a rainbow shark, a rainbow fish , and a colorful baby girl and boy.