Billy Ray Cyrus: My Wish Is for Miley to Be Happy

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Billy Ray Cyrus is a hit country music artist and has a very famous family, but in his interview with Parade magazine, he seems like just a dad that loves his daughter.

When asked what he hopes for Miley Cyrus in her future career, Billy Ray told the publication:

“My wish for her is to be happy. To love what she’s doing. We’ve always had a slogan in our family: ‘If you ain’t happy, it ain’t working.’ You need to love what you’re doing. As long as she’s happy and loving making music — and I know she loves acting — that’s all that matters.”

Billy Ray added in his own advice for those trying to make it in the business like he and his daughter did, saying:

 “I’ll lean back to a couple buddies of mine, one being Waylon Jennings, the other being Johnny Cash, the other being Carl Perkins, all three of those great men said the same thing to me: ‘Cyrus, keep it real. Be who you are and do what you do because you love it.’ I’ve followed that example of keeping it real.”

Billy Ray is currently gearing up for his new album I’m American