Demi Lovato: 'I Was Bullied Because I Was Fat' (VIDEO)

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Demi Lovato  told her story to Good Morning America and revealed what led her to check herself into a treatment facility for an eating disorder and cutting. 

Demi told GMA anchor Robin Roberts that she was constantly bullied in school for her weight. "I literally didn't know why they were being so mean to me. And when I would ask them why, they would just say, 'Well, you're fat."

The Disney star admitted that she developed an eating disorder early on, and has been having issues with food ever since. "I was compulsively overeating when I was eight years old. ... So, I guess, for the past 10 years I've had a really unhealthy relationship with food." While her food issues began at age eight, Demi says it wasn't until age 11 that she began to cut herself. She explained her reasoning for the cutting, telling Robin:

 "It was a way of expressing my own shame, of myself, on my own body. I was matching the inside to the outside. And there were some times where my emotions were just so built up, I didn't know what to do. The only way that I could get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself."
Demi broke down while on a concert tour in November with the Jonas Brothers for the Disney Channel musical, Camp Rock 2. At one point on the international leg of the tour Demi lashed out at one of her back-up dancers.  Commenting on the incident, Demi said she takes "100 percent, full responsibility. ... I feel horrible. [She] was my friend." As for that troubling time, she added:
"I was performing concerts on an empty stomach. ... I was losing my voice from purging. I was self-medicating. I was not taking medication for depression, and I literally was so emotionally whacked out that I took it out on someone that meant a lot to me." 
Now, Demi seems to be in a much better place and hopes her story can help others just like her. "The real reason why I'm sitting down with you is to open up the eyes of so many young girls, that it doesn't have to be this way."


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  • Danielle

    So Beautiful. So Strong. So Talented. So Demi. I love you Demi Lovato. Stay strong.

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith

    So if you bullied demi bet u feel pretty stupid right

  • Matt

    This made me cry this story. Who ever has insulted Demi I would kill them. She is a beautiful and pretty girl and she's the best

  • demilovatosupporter

    what the fuck is wrong with you bitch? at least she's being honest about herself and not trying to conceal any of her flaws! go to hell u jealous tramp!

  • Eiyzaaa

    I nearly cried when i saw that I think she's really strong and I really think all her haters need to frown up and get a life! I love you Demi :) <3 xx

  • dustglitterrain01
  • dustglitterrain01

    You are what is wring with this world. You vile person.

  • demisuppoorter

    clearly someones jealous not only of her fame and beauty but of her openess and integrity. were u the bully who did this to her and simply cnt take the fact shes soo much betta thn you. ppl like you shud go to hell

  • Marcelle

    this absolutely saddens me because we all can see how talented this young girl is. I'm not a number one fan but I really hope she gets through this rough time in her life. i truly wish her all the best. <3

  • davidhot

    I bet you're one of those people who has to speak shit about others to feel good about. I'm sure you're not a quarter of the woman that Demi is.

  • David

    You're such a bitch!

  • amber

    oh poor demi, boo hoo, poor me, i cut myself because people call me fat haha get a life demi, all you want is attention!!

  • idaolivia

    thats so sad but i love demi<3 stay strong<33333

  • David

    She's so cute!!! It's a shame that people make her think otherwise.

  • rainbowpanda