Lady Gaga Gets Ripped By Weird Al Yankovic in 'Perform This Way' (LISTEN)

Gaga's 'Born' Video
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Video
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Weird Al Yankovic has unleashed his satirical wrath on the biggest pop artists of the past 25 years, and now Lady Gaga has entered that exclusive club ... sort of.

For his upcoming album, Yankovic wrote a parody to Gaga's smash hit "Born This Way" titled "Perform This Way," and it's essentially a 3-minute mockery of Gaga's weirdness. The video posted on Al's YouTube claims that Gaga wouldn't sign off on it, so it won't be on his album -- instead he just put it online. And while most of Al's songs are fun and light-hearted, this tune is a pretty harsh bashing of Mother Monster.

"Ooh my little monsters pay / lots cause I perform this way / Baby, I perform this way ... I'll be a troll or evil queen, I'll be a human jelly bean / 'Cause every day is Halloween for me ..." Al sings in the song.

Later, he continues: "I'm so completely original, my new look is all the rage / I'll wrap my small intestines 'round my neck and set fire to myself on stage /I'll wear a porcupine on my head on a W-H-I-M."

No wonder Gaga wouldn't sign off on the parody.

In a blog post titled The Gaga Saga, Al recounts: "In a metaphorical nutshell, here’s what happened. I wrote and recorded what I thought was going to be the first single off of my new album: a parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga called “Perform This Way.” But after hearing it, Lady Gaga decided not to give me permission to release the song, so… it won’t be coming out commercially anytime in the near future. Sorry."

So far, no word from Gaga on the tune's release.



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  • Gerry

    I think this is fantastic... going to check out Al's funny mockery of her...lolz.

  • Rich

    Weird Al's blog is updated! The manager never gave the song to Lady Gaga and now Lady Gaga heard it and she approves it!

  • Dan

    This is a very poorly written article, the song is not harsh and in all fairness he doesn't require permission to use the song on an album. He simply does it as a goodwill gesture to artists.

  • Weird Al supporter
    Weird Al supporter

    That's ridiculous. Lady Gaga is weird and people are free to make fun of that weirdness--especially Weird Al. All of his songs are in good taste. And Lady Gaga, of ALL people, cannot complain about someone else being offensive. He had no legal obligation to ask her permission nor to exclude the song from his new album; he is simply a nice guy.