Miley Cyrus Has a Mini-Meltdown In Never Before Seen Childhood Photo!

Miley Cyrus As A Baby
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Billy Ray Cyrus nick named his daughter "Smiley" when she was younger (which ultimately lead to the shortened "Miley"), but by the looks of this picture, Miley Cyrus was anything but!

In the pic -- taken in 1995 when Miley was the ripe old age of 2 -- it looks like little Miles was having a bit of a tantrum as she hung out with her Grandma at one her dad's shows at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon. We wonder what caused the mini-meltdown?Maybe she was just taking a note from dad and trying to warm up her vocal pipes? Although Miley's Grandma Loretta Finely did admit to the now 18-year-old singer as being a "handful."

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  • Kaypopizkool

    Awww. She looks just like my cousin when throwing a tantrum.

  • Anne

    awww so c.u.t.e <3

  • Susanna

    Wow. Will it never end? Do not ALL babies throw fits once in a while? Stop the hate, guys.