Pete Wentz Has Boys Day Out With Bronx (PHOTOS)

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Back from touring with his band The Black Cards, Pete Wentz is making sure he gets plenty of father-son bonding time. The singer and his adorable son Bronx were spotted in LA on Wednesday afternoon having a fun boys day out.

The proud papa recently gushed about his son, telling E! News:

“He’s a talker and he tells a lot of stories in full sentences. I think he takes after both of us.”

Although there’s no word about he and Ashlee’s reconciliation, Bronx remains their number one priority. 

Pete added:

“Everything at home is good. We try to make his life as easy to navigate as possible and he’s growing up so it’s important for everyone who loves him to be involved with his life.”

Ashlee filed for divorce after three years of marriage in February, but the couple were recently seen holding hands at the Beverly Glen Mall in Los Angeles.

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