Princess-to-Be Kate Middleton Shops on The King’s Road

Bikini Princess Kate
Kate Middleton's infamous two-piece time.
Where does a princess-to-be like to shop? Why on Kings Road of course!

With less than two weeks until her highly anticipated wedding day, Kate Middelton shopped in style on Wednesday in Chelsea, London, wearing a LBD and small tan heels while perusing the stores. Could she be looking for honeymoon outfits? Her purchases certainly match the occasion!

According to, Kate bought almost $350 worth of summer styles (three dresses and a blouse) from the British retailer Warehouse. “She popped in and had a quick look around with a friend,” a spokesperson told People. “It was very exciting, and everyone said how lovely and down-to-earth she was.”

There were some tweets sent out by the Warehouse workers while Kate was shopping, even revealing that the soon-to-be Royal was interested in a bright floral bandeau sundress that goes for $72. 

The honeymoon location still hasn’t been confirmed following the April 29th royal wedding, but there’s are talks that Prince William and Kate are looking to jet-set off to Jordan. Will you be watching the royal wedding? Get in on the conversation@celebuzz.