Rachel Bilson Is Morning Chic After ‘Fox and Friends’ Visit (PHOTOS)

The Traveling Couple
Rachel and Hayden get screened at LAX.
Rachel Bilson was a trooper and woke up at the crack of dawn to make an appearance on Fox & Friends … and she still looked fabulous.

Bilson’s hair was blowing in the chilly New York City breeze as she left the Midtown studios after doing her on-air segment. Sporting a fur-lined hooded jacket and wearing a tan-colored blouse beneath with pink pants and yellow heels (great combo!), Bilson smiled as photographers popped away.
Bilson has been back in the headlines lately thanks to her new reunion with boyfriend Hayden Christensen. Last weekend, the two were spotted biking together in Hollywood for the first time since their split, and then earlier this week they were together at LAX airport.