Zac Efron Hitches a Ride Home After a Night Out (PHOTOS)

It was Driving Mr. Efron for one lucky chauffeur on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, as Zac Efron hitched a ride after leaving a concert.

Efron took in the tunes of up-and-coming British rapper-songwriter Plan B at the El Ray Theater on Tuesday evening. With his hair once again long enough to swirl upward in the front, Efron rode shotgun while a mustachioed driver in a tie hit the gas and took him home. A week or so ago, Efron was front-and-center at the Soho House in West Hollywood to help celebrate the release of Ashley Tisdale's Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. As he supported his High School Musical co-star, another famous HSM face was there: Zac's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

Thankfully, all was hospitable, and everyone went their merry way at the end of the night.



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  • Beverly Ann Clark
  • Punkin27

    I am so disappointed in Zac....he has lost his sense of direction and is headed for a downfall...I do not understand what happened so quick with him to break off with Vanessa....but that was the biggest mistake he will ever make...what I am reading he is going from woman to woman and doing things in public that will affect his fans...Zac I wish you well but I have fallen off your wagon, because of the things I have read have been so rude to Vanessa and I don't understand why...5 years is a long time to throw away....Well all I can say is I have been with you from the start, but no fan lost.......


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