Brotherly Love: Zac Efron & Lil Bro Dylan Watch Lakers Game

Zac Efron and his baby bro Dylan were courtside for the Los Angeles Lakers game on Wednesday night. 

The brothers were definitely rooting for the home team as they got out of their seats to cheer. Their excitement paid off as the team beat the New Orleans Hornets with a score of 87-78! This is the second time this week Zac has been spotted out on a school night. 

The actor took in the tunes of up-and-coming British rapper-songwriter Plan B at the El Ray Theater on Tuesday evening. With his hair once again long enough to swirl upward in the front, Efron rode shotgun while a mustachioed driver in a tie hit the gas and took him home.

Zac's ex Vanessa Hudgens has also been partying in Cali. The young actress was Boho chic as she danced and partied in Coachella over the weekend with her rumored beau Josh Hutcherson



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  • dee

    Well, Zac Efrn's grandfather is Jewish, but his other grandparents are not or were not. Logan Lerman is the purebred Jewish version of Zac, so it all works out.

  • dbabe

    flexing of a sexy muscle!<3 pengg! loving the hair.... ;)<3

  • Jordynn

    the only difference between young zac efron and present jb is that zac efron is jewish (something jb will never be...) love u justin but sry, ZAC EFRON ALWAYS WINS.

  • Bryan Christian Dupan
    Bryan Christian Dupan

    The scratching of the arm turned into a flexing of a muscle. Hahaha!

  • auntbilly

    how did mom feed them?

  • auntbilly

    OMG! those boys are soooo handsome! hahahaha!