Giveaway Alert: Get Miranda Kerr’s Hot Black Bikini by Have Faith

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The classic black string bikini never looked so good! Showing off her post-baby bod, Miranda Kerr rocked a Have Faith bikini during a VS photo shoot in Malibu over the weekend — the design proved so popular that Celebuzz has teamed up with the fashion label to give away one of their Black Sparkle Bikinis Miranda modeled so fabulously! 

Have Faith designer Jennifer Stano, who graciously offered up one of her designs, also revealed some of her style secrets!

Miranda Kerr was just rocking your bikini and making it look really good, how do you feel when you see a celeb in one of your designs?
It’s pretty amazing! It was a rush of energy, I cried, there were just so many emotions that went through. This is the first time I’ve actually seen a photo on the Internet of someone, and I didn’t even expect it. We do have a pretty good celebrity following for just launching last August. Seeing Miranda, one of my favorite models — I think she’s gorgeous — who just had a baby and jumped into a swimsuit a few months later is amazing. 

Bikinis are a timeless fashion staple. How do you find that you are able to change it up and offer something new?
I think hardware and cuts. What I found with a lot of swimwear companies was that the cuts weren’t great on the butt and they were also very modest. I feel like women want to be sexy when they’re in a swimsuit. Adding chains and accessories that come on the bikini, throwing in detail, really draw a person’s eye. It makes it different from just your typical, little black string, tie-side bikini. We do scrunch butts, which really flatter the butt and kind of make a little heart in the back, which really make your booty look cute.

Not everyone has the confidence to sport a bikini. Can you give us a couple tips on how to dress up a bikini so that you feel comfortable poolside or on the beach?
When I’m in mind of wearing a bikini, I think of what I’m going to do form the hotel room to the pool, or what am I going to wear from my house to the beach. We carry really great tunics that are glamorous, but if you’re a little more modest they also cover a bit more. They have a nice little drawstring on the waist, so you can make it as high or as low as you want to cover your butt or show a little bit more. We also have sarongs, which are great. When I walk to go to the concession stand or if I have to go to the lady’s room, I don’t want to just walk past everyone because they’re on the ground looking up at your body. So, I throw on sarongs.

What would you say are three summer fashion essentials?
I’d definitely say a good staple tunic; people are going nuts over them. You see them all over Vogue and all over all kinds of magazines. Also, a sarong for on the beach. And jewelry! Really big long earrings are great, and feathers are huge right now. We have a lot of that coming out as well, accessories, which aren’t up on our website just yet.

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