Fashion on the Fly: Kristen Stewart Heads Out of Vancouver (PHOTOS)

It's time to get the heck out of dodge! Or, Vancouver if you're Kristen Stewart.

The 21-year-old actress was seen looking casual in a hoodie and sunglasses at the airport, most likely headed to LA where her main man Robert Pattinson is currently hard at work promoting his latest film Water for Elephants.

Things have been kind of quite on the K-Stew front project-wise, but we'll be able to see the fruits of her labor in no time:Breaking Dawn and On the Road (both film adpatations of popular books) are hitting theater later this year.

Will you be checking them out? Look through the gallery and let us know by hitting up our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • edwardbella2

    You know what she looks wow!I mean no words can describe how beautiful she is looking.Love you kristen.

  • Robster

    I agree with u

  • Steff17

    she is an amazing girl and not a plastic and stupid girl, she is a smart girl

  • edwardbella2

    She is beautiful!!Suits with Rob really well.

  • butterfly

    who the hell dresses up to be at the airport? Kristen looks comfortable, yet cute.

  • em

    well..she's dressing appropriatly, like dyke!

  • juno

    it's stupid to think that we shouldn't like her cus she doesn't wear beautiful clothes, i actually like her for this reason cus it proves how cool and natural she is, she's a normal person exactly like us and she never tries to pretend otherwise

  • miss911

    whatever, i still think she one of the coolest celebs in hollywood.

  • Nijah

    Why? She is comfortable with what she wears.. She doesn't like complicated patterns, that's just how she is.

  • gleek1

    i love u kristen

  • ME

    She seriously needs to diversify her wardrobe.