Celebuzz Celebrates Earth Day 2011 with the Greenest Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Charitable Celebs
How the stars are giving back.
Today (April 22) is Earth Day! To celebrate people being nice to the planet, Celebuzz is profiling some famous faces who have dedicated a great deal of their time and money towards the cause. From Brad Pitt and Leonardio DiCaprio to Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts, learn how your favorite stars are using their celebrity status to make the world a better place!  

Meanwhile, what can you do at home to cut down your personal impact on the planet? Here are 5 super easy steps you can take today to reduce, reuse and recycle: 

1) Unplug electronics when not in use. 

2) Buy a reusable water bottle rather than disposable ones. Likewise, carry groceries in a reusable bag rather than paper or plastic.

3) Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

4) The recycle bin holds more than paper and soda cans! Reading glasses, old prescription bottles, batteries, printers, ink cartridges, tennis shoes, flip flops, carpet, cell phones and many other electronics can be recycled too.

5) Donate old clothes and toys — or sell them on eBay — instead of tossing them.