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Mother's Day is less than a month away, and there's nothing better than a pair of shoes to show dear old mom your appreciation. Jellypop Shoes will have all moms looking fashionable in sandals.

Jellypop are the perfect gift for any mother as the shoes are designed for all ages! These gladiator sandals are a summer must-have and bring a sense of style and spunk to any outfit.

One lucky winner will win a pair of trendy and high quality gladiator sandals!

 Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and then tell us in the comments below: What is your favorite memory of your mom?

Contest Ends April 29th at 11:59 PT.



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  • henry

    Jellypop are the perfect gift for any mother as the shoes are designed for all ages! These gladiator sandals are a summer must-have and bring a sense of style and spunk to any outfit?

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    my favorite memory of my mom is one that still occurs to this day. She'll randomly decide to have mother-daughter days and we'll go out shopping and to lunch and we always end up blasting the music in the car, singing at the top of our lungs, and dancing crazy! It's so fun and we have a great time and never stop laughing. My mom really is the best, she's so cute and we have the best times together. Love you mommy!

  • 0170kennedt

    During summer breaks, my mom would come up with all these crazy projects for us to do. Once, she bought 100s of feet of colored electrical wire and let us make sculptures with it. She still has the "reading glasses" I made for her. It was so much fun and a memory I will never forget!

  • Carianis

    Too many, but my favorite one is the way she is a Mom,she is perfec, thank to that, my son always said I'm the best mom. I love you Mami.

  • Yuki Tokyo
    Yuki Tokyo

    i love how my mom cooks yummy food for me

  • jolly

    during the holiday we always go shopping for presents that my fav memory

  • girlygirl

    i remmeber how she made us go on a trip to georgia and i thought i would hate it but, it turned out i loved it.

  • genie

    fav memory: making me feel better when im sick.

  • gruntilda

    those shoes are sweet. fav memory of her was when she bought me my car. <3

  • barbiegal

    i love my mommy my memory of her is how she wakes me p everyday and makes me yummy breakfast

  • iconlover

    my fav memory is when she takes me to the mall

  • jeeba

    my mom is the best. she gives me everything and anything i want at any time

  • yookey

    she gives me and buys me whatever i want

  • yuki

    i love mommy she makes the best food. for ex. on my birthday she made me afeast inviting guests. it was awesome. thanks mom your the greatest!

  • Kelly

    My favorite memory of my mom was this; she left for work very early in the morning and could not be there when I was leaving for school(was a teen) but I always loved that I could still smell her perfume in the house and it made me feel like she was still there. My mom passed away four years ago and to this day if I smell her perfume on someone it always makes me think of her with fond memories.

  • Eva

    Making pesto from the garden!

  • Rachel LaMunyon
    Rachel LaMunyon

    Her singing me to sleep. Tucking notes into my lunch. Flying kites at the park. Face painting.

  • Xiaoxi

    My favorite memory of my mom was having her tuck me into bed every night. It used to annoy me in my angsty teen years but I really miss it now!

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    FB fan: Cindy A. Twitter follower: @normawatson My favorite memory of my mom was her hair. She had beautiful long dark hair that was stick straight and shined in the sun. I was always envious... especially since my hair is naturally curly/frizzy. Thanks, dad! ;)

  • fafidoll

    Her big heart. <3

  • Nelly

    Her Marks and Spencer suits from the nineties. He perfume.