Jake Gyllenhaal Hides Under his Hoodie in Brentwood (PHOTOS)

Why So Shy?
Jake Gyllenhaal Hides Under His Hoodie
Jake in 'Vanity Fair'
vanity fair february 2011
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Jake Gyllenhaal attempted to hide under a hoodie as he hit up popular Brentwood restaurant Tavern on Friday afternoon, but even that couldn't hide the dreamboat's smile.

Accompanied by a female friend, Jake looked comfy and casual with a gray sweatshirt and baseball hat on.

The 30-year-old actor isn't the only big name to eat at Tavern recently:Thursday afternoon Brentwood practically shut down as President Barack Obama got his grub on at the eatery. Talk about a hotspot!

Check out the rest of Jake's hooded look in the gallery!



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