Princess-to-Be Kate Middleton Takes Out Trash (PHOTOS)

She's shaping up to be the next People's Princess!

Just a week before her highly anticipated wedding, Kate Middleton was seen stepping out in London, England throwing out her rubbish! Earlier this week, Kate shopped in style in Chelsea, London, wearing a LBD and small tan heels while perusing the stores. Based on her purchases, some reported that she was shopping for honeymoon outfits. 

According to, Kate bought almost $350 worth of summer styles (three dresses and a blouse) from the British retailer Warehouse. “She popped in and had a quick look around with a friend,” a spokesperson told People. “It was very exciting, and everyone said how lovely and down-to-earth she was.”

The honeymoon location still hasn’t been confirmed following the April 29th royal wedding, but there’s are talks that Prince William and Kate are looking to jet-set off to Jordan. Will you be watching the royal wedding? Get in on the conversation @celebuzz.



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  • ...

    Another Jealous hag! take your own advice Britaincansuckit.

  • RivaRian

    just the beginning >> more kate-pics ahead ;-)

  • mick

    They follow her shopping just to investigate her private life by what she buys. She should've bought an EPT at a drug store just for the fun of it.

  • faeirymoon

    Why doesn't every one just leave her alone! She is human after all. God and Goddess bless her and Prince William. I hope they have a wonderful, magickal life together.

  • Lola

    I though it was Katie Holmes but ... naaaaaa ... she would NEVER take out the trash.

  • BritaincanSUCKit

    Garbage taking out the Rubish!

  • Lexi

    She's just taking out the GARBAGE woww , She's a NORMAL person that's what NORMAL people do who cares if she's soon to be princess , at least she can do things by herself instead of someone else doing her work |:

  • Sun

    Wannabe Kate. I have read your comments on all of the other sites. You sound so jealous that you're nuts! She is a beautiful classy woman as you are obviously NOT! Get over it, It's not you!

  • Lawgirl

    Look at the credit on the photos. Click on one of them. The date on the pictures is November 29, 2006. So yes, these are nearly five years old.

  • Goldie

    she looks healthier here than she does now, in that picture with the black dress and tan heels, where she's obviously lost so much weight. in this picture, her face looks nearly completely different from how she looks in recent photos of her.

  • Marlie

    I tend to take my engagement ring off when I am washing dishes, taking out trash, preparing food, etc, etc.... and my ring is a mere 10 carats less then Kate's ring. Perhaps she's practical? So much for your "sleuthing/private eye" career! LOL

  • Promoting IBiomedhealth
    Promoting IBiomedhealth

    This is probably not King Henry's idea of Royalty but my guess is after the 29th, she's going to miss the days when she could do this. (Notice the lady walking her dog gingerly past the future Queen of England): Http:// Free iBioMed Health App-- Enjoy!

  • kate

    ahhh you're right no bling in sight! You'd make a good private eye nora.

  • Nora

    Don't worry, people, these photos are at least 5 years old. Not that it's okay to take pictures of the poor girl taking garbage out. Just letting you know... Look, no ring.

  • kate

    Yes, it's her & of course she'll take out her own rubbish! She won't be living in the London townhouse her parents bought her after the wedding but she's there atm preparing for her wedding etc. Probably one of the last times she will get to do "mundane" tasks and she'll miss it [the freedom] when it's no longer there. You can always tell it's her from the boots :) plus the location and of course her face / figure.

  • Catamaran

    Somehow, I don't even believe that's really Middleton. There are many look-a-likes running around trying to confuse the public. The real Middleton always looks much more groomed than this whenever she appears in public. At this point (a week prior to the wedding), the future Queen is NOT going to be taking out her own trash, be she be the next "Peoples' Princess" or not.

  • justme

    Well its a good thing you posted this, I thought maybe she wasn't human and kept the trash! Sick people!

  • Ellen Reeher Morris
    Ellen Reeher Morris

    Why can,t you leave Catherine alone.I like this girl,she is like you or me taking out the trash.