Reviews Are In for Robert Pattinson’s ‘Water for Elephants’

Rob's Sexiest Looks
The British hottie sure knows how to work it!
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All of her looks through the years.
Robert Pattinson’s new movie Water For Elephants is scoring big with audiences, with a 93% rating of Rotten Tomatoes viewers giving it a thumbs up, but how does it score amongst critics?

In the film adaptation from the book with the same name, Rob portrays a veterinarian who experiences a tragic loss and runs away, then finds himself working with a circus. After joining the rag tag team, Jacob finds himself falling in love with the ringleader’s wife, played by Hollywood’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.

Renowned critic Roger Ebert gave the movie three stars, calling the film “endearingly old-fashioned,” and “a movie made of real people and plausible sets.” Meanwhile, the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes was not as kind as their viewers. 

The site only gave the movie a 49% rating, saying the film “has an evocative sense of its time and place but lacks the burning passions required to pull off this type of romantic weepie.”

Though Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t sold on the movie, the tough critics over at Ain’t It Cool News think thought the movie trailer looked promising. After viewing the trailer, writer Nordling said of Water For Elephants:

“As for myself, I think there’s something there, a willingness and a need to prove that [Pattinson’s] not just a sparkly vampire but a good actor.  And I’ll say it – WATER FOR ELEPHANTS looks really good to me.”

Also not thrilled with film was the The New York Times, who referred to it as “bland” and “monotonous.” Let us know your reviews of R. Patz new movie by tweeting to @celebuzz