Taylor Momsen Rocks Hard in Leather (PHOTOS)

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You won't believe what she said!
Has Taylor Momsen gone conservative? Don’t count on it! Straying a bit from her typical “big boots, little shorts” look, she decided to leave the latter at home — rocking out in a leather jacket over a long black Metallica tee that read “Kill ‘Em All.”

The 16-year-old actress turned singer and her band, Pretty Reckless, turned it out for the crowd at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, where fans snapped pics and took videos at the free show. 

Our friends over at Buzznet have more pics and a fan vid taken at the show. T-Moms has been hard at work promoting her band’s new album, Light Me Up, and their efforts have been paying off with plenty of pant-less press coverage. 

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