Avan Jogia Chats with ‘It Gets Indie’ Founder Noah Hornik (VIDEO)

Avan's Gay Rights PSA
Check out Avan's Straight But Not Narrow video.
Victorious star Avan Jogia is all about sticking up for gay rights, so not only did he start the campaign Straight But Not Narrow, he is putting his support behind It Gets Indie — a benefit concert with all proceeds going toward the Trevor Project.

The concert takes place Sunday April 24 in San Francisco so to prepare for the big day Avan put his journalstic skills to use and interviewed the concert’s founder, 13-year-old gay rights activist Noah Hornik. Check out the inspiring interview above, and to learn more about Noah and his crusade, click here!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out:Because Avan is headed to the concert, and is going to share all the behind the scene photos, videos and more with Celebuzz!

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