Shady Kids: The Cutest Celeb Kids in Glasses (PHOTOS)

Is there anything in this world cuter than kids in little baby glasses? The staff at Celebuzz has a serious soft spot for bespectacled celebrity kids and we've found the cutest photos of specs-wearing tots for your viewing enjoyment.

From Owen Wilson's newborn shades-swaggin' baby to Jessica Alba's sunglasses-sporting daughter, these kids make being a four-eyes incredibly adorable.

Check out the full gallery and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Gerrie

    Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinknig about it!

  • olivia

    omg! that looks... no offence but weird! but still... sooooo cute!!!!! lol!

  • wuyu1030

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  • lblm44

  • Kimberly McClelland
    Kimberly McClelland

    You should have captions on the photos so some of us who are not sure who is who can tell. Thanks.

  • sexyj4eva

    paris should learn a thing or 2 from her lol

  • sexyj4eva

    pretty jus like her mama