Lindsay Lohan Out on Bail for Wild Easter Weekend

Lindsay Lohan Preliminary Hearing

If you thought your Easter weekend of traveling around to relatives houses and scrambling to whip up some tasty treats was busy and erratic, you've got nothing on Lindsay Lohan.

The starlet was sentenced to 120 days in jail on Friday, and after nearly five hours in custody following her hearing, Lohan posted bail and is -- for now, at least -- a free woman. She is expected to appeal the judge's decision of jail time.

TMZ reports Lohan was "blindsided" by the jail sentence she received, as many had speculated that if her charges were reduced from felony theft to misdemeanor charges, she would be able to escape any time behind bars. For some reason, that didn't happen and she was hit with three months of hard time and 480 hours of community service.

Producer Nathan Folks, who is friends with Lohan, told People following the decision that Lindsay is "angry" about how things ended up "because she has been working so hard on turning her life around ... She didn't do what they said she did. She didn't steal that necklace."

Prior to the sentencing on Friday, Lohan made a rare statement on Twitter, saying:

"With my family and thinking of my grandfather whos birthday was yesterday and unfortunately passed away a few years ago... i am just grateful for the life i have, i cannot explain how excited i am to begin working on films again, on top of that- i better get one of my two favorite scripts that i am in love with. my friends know what they both are..... all my love- LL god bless and g'night :)"
The latest legal drama all started on January 22 when Lindsay allegedly walked out of Kamofie & Company, a Venice jewelry store, with a $2,500 necklace. Lindsay was caught on surveillance tape trying on the necklace and leaving the store with her group of friends.

Lindsay claims that she is not guilty of the felony grand theft charges. The 24-year-old actress alleges that she was loaned the necklace by the store owner for publicity purposes. The Mean Girls actress returned the necklace several weeks after obtaining it at the store.



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  • Ken

    I dont think this legal circus is hurting LL re: the Gotti movie. Quite the contrary. IF they get around to making it [and that's always a big if in Hollywood], the publicity people will tout LL as a REAL outlaw playing a character in the Gotti outlaw family. Ms Gotti likes LL and I can see the two of them on talk shows together as outlaw "sisters" hyping the movie. They could talk cops, arrests, judges, lawyers, jail, etc. Publicists' dream. The ratings would be off the scale.

  • Kristena Ducre
    Kristena Ducre

    I've loved Lindsay Lohan for a long time now. It's just sad to see her wrapped up in so much nonsense. She really needs to get her act together because America loved her at one point. She needs to get back to being a household name for her acting and not her crazy antics. While I think the details of this necklace case are sketchy at best (I mean, the store sold their surveillance tape online and all it showed was Lindsay talking to the salespeople and not acting suspicious), if Lindsay didn't have the track record that she does, it wouldn't be so easy for a store to use her for publicity. Not to mention the fact that she still has to face the judge for that charge- this 120 day sentence was just for violating probation. I'm willing to bet that if she's found guilty of misdemeanor theft when she goes to court in May, that store will promptly file a civil suit for big money. What a shame.

  • Rose

    Loahan is going to keep getting over on people/us until she does get punished which means never, since judges/we are too soft/scared to handle her the way she well deserves to be by now.

  • wuyu1030

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  • RD

    Good job Ken. The average American is about as dumb as a Pop Tart when it come to governmental issues. I had to sit on my hands and listen to this idiot who could not understand why the loser of a recent, local CIVIL case wasn't sent to jail.

  • ken

    Yeah, NiJo1234, that's what I meant. Yes, this is a gossip site, but still some rudimentary credibility should be maintained and it has not been w/ this dishonest, trolling headline of "wild Easter week end." [Easter, get it? How DARE she be wild on Easter?!] CeleBuzz quotes TMZ about LL being "blindsided" by her 120 sentence on Probation Violation, not the untried theft charge. But CB doesnt quote TMZ's report that their sources say LL is spending the weekend w/ siblings. LL claimed the same in her tweet posted by CB. So, CB, own up and clean up. You went too far on the side of sensationalism. ========= John: "3 to 5 yrs" in prison for stealing? Her trial on that charge hasnt even started. And it this judge reduced the charge to a a misdemeanor. She was sentenced to 120 days for probation violation bc she was arrested on the theft charge. ---------- Katie. "Cops should be hard on her."? And how could the cops do that? Any desired "hardness" would have to come from the prosecutor,judge, & prison/jail officials.

  • brian

    "on top of that- i better get one of my two favorite scripts that i am in love with" always entitled, this one. what an attitude. she'll never change.

  • brian

    Yet, here you are, commenting after reading it. :)

  • nicejounalisim1234

    Nice work on the great title Celebuzz! WHERE IS THE WILD WEEKEND?! NIce title to fool readers into thinking Linsey went out partying. Keep up the good work I now know why I never read this crap!

  • john

    OMG if it was anyone else that stole that necklace they would be locked up for 3-5 years.. just goes to show you if you have money you can do what ever the hell you like. look at O.J Ray Lewis. and a slew of others.

  • Katie Marshall
    Katie Marshall

    @ charlie I agree. she's pissed because she actually has to take responsibility for her actions?!!!! apparently there's a different law in hollywood. The cops should have been a hell of a lot harder on her the first time the little skank was arrested.

  • Charlie

    You can understand their confusion since no one in Hollywood ever does the time they are sentence to anyway

  • OFN

    Was this just sarcasm? "Not everyone loses a grandfather, she's had it extra rough?" Hardly a reason to keep a jewelry thief out of jail, dear. Besides, she lost the grandpappy "a few years ago," not yesterday. So, one would hope she'd be over that by now, but, then again, poor Little Lindsay, let's have a pity party. Hey, why not invite Lindsay and maybe she'll bring the Coke.

  • Colorado Boy
    Colorado Boy

    Uh, 120 days is four months, not three

  • DJ

    Ken, it was emoting about her dead grandfather. That's reason enough not to jail her. Not everyone loses a grandfather, she's had it extra rough.

  • ken

    And the wild week end part?