Because They’re Hot: ‘Glee’ Guys in NYC

The Glee cast has taken over New York City where they are currently filming the season finale, and while Lea Michele and Dianna Agron heated up the NYC streets earlier Monday it’s the guys’ time to shine, now.

Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Cory Monteith, Chord OverstreetKevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. joined show creator Ryan Murphy and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press conference this evening at the Gershwin Theater in Midtown, Manhattan.

Who really cares what for as long as we get to gawk at our favorite TV hunks!

There has been a lot of controversy since prom-gate (ya know, when an extra tweeted who the prom king was) but according to Mr. Warblers himself, Darren Criss, it doesn’t sound like they are going to reshoot the episode.

Still, with that clever Ryan Murphy you never know! In the meantime bask in the hotness that is the Glee men…and Heather Morris. And don’t forget, Glee goes Gaga with a 90-minute episode tomorrow at 8pm on FOX!