Exclusive: Avan Jogia Shares Hilarious Road Trip Moment With Celebuzz! (VIDEO)

Josh's Pro-Gay PSA
Check out his Straight But Not Narrow video. Watch »

Victorious star Avan Jogia took a road trip to San Francisco this weekend to attend 13-year-old gay rights advocate Noah Hornik's It Gets Indie benefit concert, and as many people do during 5-hour drives, he got a little bored and decided to belt out some tunes.

But, what song did the road warrior decide to sing? Watch the video above to find out!

Also, stay tuned for more behind the scenes It Gets Indie footage from Avan, as he is sharing his entire photo journal with Celebuzz!

What do you think of Avan's vocal skills? Let us know by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or hit us up on Facebook!

Avan's Gay Rights PSA
Check out Avan's Straight But Not Narrow video. Read More »


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  • Haley Sasha
    Haley Sasha


  • Lonnie Thomason
    Lonnie Thomason

    Finally working now. You guys have a lot of fun! Can't wait to see your vids from It Gets Indie.

  • Varsha Narayan
    Varsha Narayan

    ok, it works on internet explorer but it doesn't work for google chrome.

  • Varsha Narayan
    Varsha Narayan

    ok it is still not working for me. -____-

  • Haley Sasha
    Haley Sasha

    did you see it

  • Sh

    Click the picture to load the video player, wait a bit, then click the play button.

  • LeShae Squires
    LeShae Squires

    the video does work. the audio is too low.

  • Varsha Narayan
    Varsha Narayan

    the video doesn't work :( i realllly wanna watch it haha

  • Haley Sasha
    Haley Sasha

    am i only one which video doesn't work


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