Fashion on the Fly: Demi Lovato Hits Up Chicago Over Easter Weekend

Demi Leaves Show
Demi bids farewell to 'Sonny with a Chance.'
Following her release from a treatment center, Demi Lovato is back at it with cameras seeming to follow her every move. 

The singer/actress was seen arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday en route to Chicago, munching on an apple and waiting for her luggage. In one week, Lovato not only revealed that she was quitting her Disney show Sonny with a Chance but she also announced that while in treatment, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Lovato tweeted a slew of inspiring messages over the holiday weekend, writing to her followers:

“Thank you all SO much from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART. … Let’s bring awareness to eating disorders, self-harm, bullying and bipolar disorder. … I’ve never been this healthy and happy in my life… I wish the same for ALL OF YOU!!!”

The Disney star later wrote “Happy Easter” followed by this message:

“I’m so proud of so many young and older women taking their own problems seriously and seeking help for their own issues. … NEVER be ashamed of your problems… Your body… Yourself… YOU are worth LIFE.”

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