Hank Baskett + Baby Hank + Puppy = Cute Overload! (PHOTOS)

Can you cram more cute into one photo? After much research and analysis of these baby Hank Baskett Jr. pictures, the answer is a resounding “no.”

There’s baby Hank, who’s always pushing the limits of adorableness … and then there’s a puppy thrown into the mix, while daddy Hank Sr. bends down to assist a heartwarming father-son moment — and hearts melt in unison.
The duo were both out in track jackets on Easter Sunday, taking a walk with their little pooch.

While the two men of the family were out, mom Kendra Wilkinson was likely practicing for her next routine on Dancing With the Stars, where she’s seen a good deal of momentum over the last week or two.

She and partner Louis Van Amstel were not scored very well in the first two weeks of the show, but their scores have increased recently.