Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Back to Work? (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan isn't letting a legal troubles slow her down. Here's LiLo arriving today at NBC studios in Burbank with papers in hand. Figuring out how to get back to work, perhaps? 

"Blindsided" by last week's verdict, Lindsay's lawyer quickly filed an appeal and bailed the actress out of jail. The appeal process will take months, so surely she can figure out something to do besides going to court in the meantime?

As part of Linds' sentence, she'll be working at the Los Angeles County morgue (again). She did some community service in 2007 after her back-to-back DUIs.

Asst. Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner said of her service:

"She will empty trash, vacuum, clean restrooms. She won't be in the autopsy area. However, there will be some exposure to bodies. She'll see them but won't touch them."
Here's hoping Lindsay's meetings (we assume) went well. We would actually love to see her back on the big screen -- before she may be sent to the big house.


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  • Marie Poole
    Marie Poole

    time will tell if she has learn anything. Ohhh, she looks very old, about 30-35 yrs old not mid 20's. this is what hard liguor and drugs can do, drains the beauty out of women. at less she young, that it can be fixed. good luck Lindsay Lo. God Bless and make the right chooses in YOUR life....

  • auntbilly

    Jesus! guide to that girl, we dont want to see her in court Anymore!