Justin Bieber Sings Selena Gomez On Stage (VIDEO)

will they duet?
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Such a little tease! While performing in Malaysia, Justin Bieber gave girlfriend Selena Gomez a sweet shout out. Or rather, a sing-out. Before playing his hit Baby, Justin started singing a little bit of Who Says, which all Beliebers know is Selena's amazing single.

Gomez joined Justin in Malaysia for this leg of the tour, which is why we think the gesture is so adorable! But what was the audience's reaction?

The song definitely got a lot of laughs, but the wait made the crowd go even crazier in anticipation for Justin to belt out his most infamous song. 

Selena and Justin reportedly stayed at the swanky Kuala Lumpor Hilton together as she joined him on this part of his My World Tour

At some point Celebuzz would like to see these two perform together in the near future...anyone out there agree?

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  • Ishita Srivastava
    Ishita Srivastava

    I don't like Selena and Justin together.I wish for their break-up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    Selena is the luckiest girl alive

  • edwardbella2

    Justin Bieber is cute but selena is very ugly!!But if JB finds her interesting what can we do about that!!

  • Debi Setyawati
    Debi Setyawati

    it is in INDONESIA , not in Malaysia ..!!!! seriously.....:)

  • Debi Setyawati
    Debi Setyawati

    it is in INDONESIA , not in Malaysia ..!!!!

  • idaolivia

    justin is so mean :))) ouh baby.....!?

  • widi

    yeah saskia, they really messed up. writing news without research and they called themselves a journalist. bah!!!

  • saskia

    seriously jb covered who says is NOT in Malaysia! actually on 23th of April JB is in Jakarta, Indonesia. He performed in SICC (Sentul international convention center) so..please don’t screw up sir!

  • andrea

    jaja so funny he was singing all kinds of songs jaja lmao rofl

  • wuytu1054

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  • Kortalow

    She's using Justin.Don't think so?Well, lets see the facts.She dated Nick Jonas when he became famous.She dated Taylor Lautner when he became famous.When Justin was not even famous, she laughed and said she would NEVER date him.Now,since Justin is rich and famous, she "loves him".She is just stabbing Beleibers in the back.Wow.Pathetic Selena.Just, pathetic.What a bi*ch.I will tell Justin 'I told you so' when she moves on to the next guy.

  • widi

    it's in Indonesia, NOT Malaysia, u idiot. Do ur research!!!!!!!!!!

  • selena gomes
    selena gomes

    not like justin bieber

  • miley cyrus
    miley cyrus

    love you bieber love you

  • miley cyrus
    miley cyrus

    justin+miley cyrus i love you

  • guilia kouguet
    guilia kouguet

    selena gomes,i boyfriend justin bieber the not you dont

  • guilia papalino
    guilia papalino

    idiot selena gomes + justin

  • guilia papalino
    guilia papalino

    i love justin+guilia papalino love love yuuuuuuo

  • Guest

    HELLO?!! Have you ever tried doing some online research before writing something? This is in Indonesia, you idiot! Even the girl who recorded that video speaks in Indonesian!

  • guilia papalino
    guilia papalino

    not selena gomes the justim no,no,no,no. selena gomes .vs.justim yes,yes,yes.

  • slutena

    ew. haha

  • emily

    omg that just made my day. made me love you even more justin <3 you're so cute and funny!


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