Justin Bieber Sings Selena Gomez On Stage (VIDEO)

Justin & Selena Timeline
From rumored couple to the real deal.
Such a little tease! While performing in Malaysia, Justin Bieber gave girlfriend Selena Gomez a sweet shout out. Or rather, a sing-out. Before playing his hit Baby, Justin started singing a little bit of Who Says, which all Beliebers know is Selena’s amazing single.

Gomez joined Justin in Malaysia for this leg of the tour, which is why we think the gesture is so adorable! But what was the audience’s reaction?

The song definitely got a lot of laughs, but the wait made the crowd go even crazier in anticipation for Justin to belt out his most infamous song. 

Selena and Justin reportedly stayed at the swanky Kuala Lumpor Hilton together as she joined him on this part of his My World Tour

At some point Celebuzz would like to see these two perform together in the near future…anyone out there agree?