Wild Reality Star Teck Holmes Transforms Into Kid-Friendly Game Show Host

Celebuzz had the chance to check in with Real World wild child Teck Holmes — who famously stripped off his clothes and dove into the house pool in his season’s first episode. Now he’s all grown up, or is he?

Teck is the new(ish) host of Cartoon Network’s Hole in the Wall. A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but that doesn’t mean the transition has been an easy one! Find out how he feel about his days as a reality star, the obstacles he faces to be kid-friendly, what he would change about his crazy TV past, and of course what to watch for on his show!

Do you get a lot of people that come up to you and recognize you from Real World?
All the time. Real World is like my last name, I’m trying to change it. But I’m trying to change it to Teck from Hole in the Wall.

Do you ever look at back at that with any regrets?
No, no regrets at all. I loved it. I loved everything I did. I wouldn’t change a thing. I haven’t had to technically work since 1999 so, I’m so happy. And I’m one of the original reality stars, not the original seven but the original wave. After me came everything else, so I’m very proud of that.

Now you have a new show. So, is it a new Teck we’re seeing on there?
It’s definitely a new Teck. It’s been like ten years, so I’m more mature now. I work with kids now, so I can’t be that Teck from the real world. I have to be a calmer and cleaner guy. I’m much calmer and much cleaner, more refined Teck,

Are you finding that comes naturally for you?
I’m having a tough time with it, of course. I did mature somewhat in my life, but there is a big kid in me and I’m still a free spirit. Sometimes I have to pull myself by the reigns and reel myself in.

What do you have in store for the new episodes?
Bigger and better walls! We have my face on the wall this ear so that’s going to be interesting. There is a celebrity show coming up with Chris Webber from the NBA and Desean Jackson from the NFL. We have a show with the Dude What Would Happen guys form the Cartoon Network, too.

How do you prepare for the shows? Do you have a lot of prep time or do you just jump into it?
The first season I didn’t have prep time. The first season they kind of just threw me in the water and said swim This season I have a host producer. We get together before the shows. We look at the walls and we come up with jokes that I could say there or might say here, and then I just go off the top of the dome. I’m very quick with my jokes and I’m very quick witted, so I like to leave some room for me to be flexible. So I just have really an hour before the show and then I just go for it.

Do you take any acting or hosting training?
Yes. This time, I did a four-week hosting class with Marki Costello. It was great. She really got me focused and kept my energy pointed, so I wouldn’t be so spastic with my energy. The first season I was just really yelling and trying to yell over the kids. She calmed me down and told me I don’t need to yell, they have mics on you. She got me really, really focused and I appreciate that. I can actually see it come across this season on camera.

Have you had any crazy, unexpected things happen?
Yeah, I busted my butt this year. The stage gets slippery and I was in a very exciting moment. I did something incorrectly and fell on my butt. So, you’ll probably see that this season. I wiped out this season. I’m sure they’re going to replay it over and over.

Tune in! New episodes of Hole in the Wall premiere Wednesday (April 27) on Cartoon Network.