G'Day Mate! Justin Bieber Invades Brisbane (PHOTOS)

Down Unda!
Justin Bieber Arrives in Brisbane, Australia for Tour

Justin Bieber has been all over the place (literally) for his My World 2.0 tour, so where is the latest stop for the Biebs? Brisbane, Australia!

The 17-year-old was spotted as he touched down at the airport, and was looking casual and comfy in a black tee, sweats and baseball hat.

After spending the last few weeks in Asia and it's surrounding areas, JB will be spending his time down unda for the next couple of weeks.

Selena Gomez's beau even tweeted his excitement about heading to the land of Aussie's simply stating, "OZ!"

Sounds like fun!

We're glad he's having fun traveling, but are you ready for him to make his way back to the states? Check out all the photos of the Biebs in the gallery then let us know by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or hit up our Facebook!



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  • jelena4ever

    I used to love justin. i used to say i was his girlfriend. then selena started dating him and i was a little mad to be honest. but then i realized me and justin would never be a couple! btu im still his big fan. and if i hated him, what kind of a fan would i be? I think selena is gorgeous and sweet, but i dont really like her for some reason. i LIKE HER, but not alot. and if justin is happy, im happy :) JELENA4EVER!!!

  • maria

    He is soo damned fine.

  • Marlyn

    U are gay motherfucker

  • ilove Justin Bieber
    ilove Justin Bieber

    Shut up . He looks sexy . yall boys are just jealous

  • joanny

    lol the is like so gay

  • Mariah Bieber
    Mariah Bieber


  • emily

    he looks sad to me probably because selena is gone

  • brittany bieber
    brittany bieber

    omb your are the hotes boy in the world your songs are awsome who am i kiding it is rocked to the moon !!!

  • clinton bieber
    clinton bieber

    ahh we love you justin , <3 <3 what your number i love you your songs are great