Michelle Williams: Why She Left Home at 15 (PHOTOS)

Michelle Williams goes beyond the pale on the cover of May’s Interview magazine  — even her eyebrows have gone completely white! Looking especially pixieish, she appears in a series of shots that give off “ethereal earth mother” as she poses outside in a thicket of barren trees, among other other artistic editorial images.

In a candid conversation with novelist and screenwriter Vendela Vida, the actress reveals why she left home at 15. What made her venture out on her own at such a young age?

VIDA: And didn’t you go off and live on your own when you were 15, too?
WILLIAMS: I did. It gave me so much comfort. Why did I have that urge? I think it was Inge Jacobin’s bones kicking around in me (Inge is her great, great grandmother who came to Ellis Island).
VIDA: When you went to live on your own, did you go to L.A.?
WILLIAMS: Yeah, I went to L.A. At that point my family was living in San Diego, so it wasn’t as big an undertaking as Inge Jacobin’s. I hopped around from crappy apartment complex to crappy apartment complex in the Los Angeles area.
VIDA: Were you still close to your family? Or was it one of those breaks you make when you’re 15 and later patch things up?
WILLIAMS: It was kind of a break. It didn’t last too terribly long, thank goodness, before I got Dawson’s Creek and moved to North Carolina. So I had about a year in Los Angeles solo.

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