Busy Philipps Talks Courteney Cox’s ‘Cougar Town’ Romance

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The gossip blogs have been blowing up about Courteney Cox’s recent vacation where she was joined by her handsome Cougar Town co-star Josh Hopkins on the beaches of St. Barts, but what’s going on with their onset romance? Actress Busy Philipps has the details!

On the show, Courteney’s character Jules Cobb is hot and heavy with Graysin Ellis, played by her rumored real-life love interest Josh. “I don’t know where they’re gonna take it next year,” Busy, who plays the fun and flirty Laurie Kelly on the show, tells Celebuzz of the onscreen relationship. “I know Gracin wants children and Juls just feels like she just got her kid out of the house and she’s done. It’s a really interesting dynamic to play and definitely something that happens to people the second [time around].”

Busy says the cast is currently on a hiatus but, as seen in photos, they still manage to make time for each other. “Courteney asked me if I wanted to come over Easter Sunday for a celebration,” she says of her friend and co-star. “She has pretty great get-togethers at her house.”

So what’s in store for Busy’s boy-crazy character Laurie on the show? She tells Celebuzz there’s talks that she may either hook up with Jules’ son Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd) or her ex-husband Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt)!  “I’m really happy with her being the single girl, and her having one-night stands and having to do the ‘Walk of Awesome,'” a married Busy says of her single girl character. “And it’s so opposite of my real life that I like to get into my skivvies with random guys at work! … Don’t tell my husband I said that! … I get a work-free pass!”

Catch Courtney, Busy and the rest of the handsome cast when Cougar Town airs Wednesday night on ABC.