Exclusive: Avan Jogia Shares ‘It Gets Indie’ Pics, Memories With Celebuzz! (PHOTOS)

Last weekend, Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia hit the road and headed north to San Francisco so he could attend It Gets Indie, a benefit concert put on by gay rights activist Noah Hornik with all proceeds going toward the Trevor Project.

As you can imagine, a lot when down during the 6 hour drive and concert, which boasted acts such as Social Studies and Save Rabbit to name a few. And now, Avan is sharing his photos from the entire weekend exclusively with Celebuzz!

Avan also had a lot to say about his campaign Straight But Not Narrow and the weekend as a whole.

From Avan & the SBNN Team: Hi Everyone. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos we took on our road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A little bit of a backstory…

A few months ago, Avan Jogia and Cause Creative started developing an awareness campaign called Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN). In the past, we have heard about many incredible LGBT campaigns started by LGBT individuals. SBNN was started because we wanted an outlet for friends, family and advocates to voice their support.

Now that you are caught up on SBNN let us tell you why this roadtrip was so important to our team. Avan’s mom (aka Mama Jogia) was web surfing on the awesome Kickstarter site and stumbled across an incredible 13 year old named Noah Hornik. Noah was raising money to put on a benefit concert for It Get’s Better and the Trevor Project (two charities you should check out). Here is this amazing 13 year old, who is obsessessed with indie rock, and using his love for music to raise awareness about an issue he feels is important. The moment we saw his post, we knew we had to go!

We left for San Francisco early Sunday morning. The show was that night and we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us. We kept our self busy by rocking out to music and eating anything we could get our hands on at gas stations along the way. We arrived around 3pm, just in time to head over to the Great American Music Hall for soundcheck. After a quick dinner at Tommy’s with Jill (from the incredible “Make It Better Project”, Gay Straight Allince) we headed back just in time for people to start arriving around 7. The place was packed by the time the first band, Handshakes went on the stage at 8. The night kept on rollin’. Noah’s brother Julian performed an original song he wrote called “It Get’s Better”. He was very Elton John sounding if you ask us. Then it was time for Rabbit! I’d describe them as “Yo Gabba Gabba hipster”. Of course, we can’t forget the headliner, Social Studies. We all plan to see them when they are in Los Angeles May 4th (and you should too). They will not disappoint.

Monday was our first Straight But Not Narrow “campaign retreat”. We basically spent the day site-seeing, people watching, and most importantly, eating in San Francisco.

We piled in the car at about 9pm and headed back Los Angeles, exhausted but excited. We talked the entire way home about how everyone has the ability to make a difference. You don’t have to start a campaign or be on TV to voice your support. Join the Gay Straight Alliances in your school, or just make sure your friends know you are there to support them. Look at 13 year old Noah as an inspiration. We do.

The SBNN team

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