Giveaway Alert! Urbanears Headphones and HandStand for iPad

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The world went nuts when Apple released the new and improved iPad2 in early March with more features and built-in apps. And as with any new purchase, the next step is accessories!

Luckily, Celebuzz has found two perfect products-- the Urbanears Plattan Headphones and the HandStand.

Urbanears headphones feature the super-cool "zound plug" that allows two people to listen to music together. Plus, it comes in 14 different colors including chocolate, ocean blue and salad green.

Handstand is the must-have stand for iPad and iPad 2. The unique design allows for practical use, spinning 360 degrees and offering landscape to portrait views. The hand strap feature gives you one hand free at all times to easily use the touch screen too.

Here's how to enter: Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Then let us know: What is your favorite iPad app? Tell us in the comments below.

Contest ends May 4th at 11:59 PT.

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  • Chioma Annabell Smith
    Chioma Annabell Smith

    I love the scoops ice cream game because it's more fun to play it on a bigger screen :)

  • liweifr

    nice headphones.and there is a good headphones website

  • bornnnyc123

    Pandora's the best <3 Gosh, it'd be so nice to win since I was planning on buying a new set of headphones! :D I liked you on facebook: Ariel Post-scholarly Melancholia And I'm new to twitter but I'm following you: Helsinki123

  • Emily N.
    Emily N.

    Facebook follower: Emily N*** Twitter follower: prizepuzzle Favorite App is Netflix

  • Tasha Milan
    Tasha Milan

    Liked You on Facebook : Tasha Milan Following You On Twitter: @imyourlush Favourite App : oven Break - gingerbread man run,, this game has got my family running wild it is very competitive and causes limitless hours of fun throughout the day,, Thank You For The Amazing Giveaway (:

  • Mujtaba Yasin
    Mujtaba Yasin

    following on twitter as @TwittahBoii following on facebook as Mujtaba Yasin my favourite iphone app has got to be talking tom,, no matter how bad a situation,, talking tom will always cheer me upp.

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    my favorite ipad app is iphoto. i have millions of pictures and its the perfect place to store them, separate them, edit, and more ! Its so easy, i love it !

  • Bessamy

    My favorite iPad app is Twitter. Favorite game is two: Angry Birds and Treasures of Montezuma. Following on Twitter as @Bessamy and liked on FB as Bessamy S. Thanks for the chance! =)

  • Azlan A
    Azlan A

    Favorite App is Doodle Jump :]

  • 0170kennedt

    I'm a freak for doodle jump. I will never admit to my friends and family how often I actually play it...

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My favorite apps are anything that has to do with celebrity gossip. My all time favorite apps are Addicted to Gossip and Gossip Junkie. I love Celebrity Gossip- The Goss1p. I also love all of the magazine applications such as Cosmo, People, Nylon, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Etc.

  • Elisabeth

    I follow on twitter and like you on favorite app is Angry Birds, my husband and I are addicted!

  • James

    Angry Birds.

  • emorgan223

    Evernote, helps me take notes in class!

  • Stalin Franco
    Stalin Franco


  • Lauren

    It's gotta be Angry Birds!

  • Becca

    my favorite ipad app is twitter and cut the rope ;D

  • Carianis

    Netflix i can see movies everywear.

  • Andrew Westerfer
    Andrew Westerfer

    My favorite app is Shazam because it lets me know what any song is when I don't know the name or signer.

  • jgiesler1

    Anatomy 3D: Organs! helps me learn =)