Meet Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Dog!

Puppy Love!
Robert Pattinson Water For Elephants Germany Premiere

We knew Robert Pattinson rescued and adopted a dog in Louisiana while filming Breaking Dawn, and in USA Today he gives us a few adorable details about his "German shepherdy-mix" pup named "Bear."

Actually, it is Rob and girlfriend Kristen Stewart's dog Celebuzz is assured from sources, although Pattinson doesn't quite admit that. We're told the couple would play with him "all the time" on the Twilight set, and has brought him on their trips together, including Los Angeles where Kristen's family lives (they of course approve of the furry monster!).

Get ready to adore the Twilight couple even more:

Pattinson tells USA Today that before taking in Bear, the little guy was found in a trash can outside a bar in Louisiana. So sad! RP describes trying to potty train him in his hotel, which FYI, he also shared with Kristen (just so you can picture how adorable them playing house must have been):

"I was trying to potty-train him to go on the balcony of the hotel room...It was so windy in Vancouver, the door slammed in his face, and I was just like, nooo."

Since being adopted, Rob says Bear has survived a run-in with a wolf and seagull in Vancouver.

Watch Rob's video interview below:


But about Bear's co-parent, Rob's costar, and girlfriend Kristen Stewart...Rob again tells the USA Today interviewer that he attempts to avoid "Robsten!" type headlines:

"I try my best to avoid it happening by never being seen or not saying anything stupid in interviews, but it doesn't seem to matter."

Especially when Rob and Kristen were caught photographed making out after his Water For Elephants premiere.

"I just don't like it," Pattinson says. "That's not part of my job. It's embarrassing, people using your life as entertainment."

It is crazy how much speculation there still is on Pattinson and Stewart's relationship. Perhaps R.Pattz's Elephant costar, Reese Witherspoon, simplifies it best:

"He's very much a 24-year-old guy who has a girlfriend and is enjoying himself and his friends."

Nothing wrong with all.



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  • kristen stewart photos
    kristen stewart photos

    Dasar Kristen pelacur dan wanita jalang. Kenapa dia sampai begitu tega berselingkuh? Dasar wanita jahat...

  • Hackensack Recycling
    Hackensack Recycling

    Thanks , I've recently been looking for information approximately this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?|What i do not realize is in reality how you are now not really much more well-appreciated than you might be now. You are so intelligent.

  • Chelseaa:)

    i love robert pattinson so much he is so fit :P an i love twilight im obsessed over twilight i even have the vampire contact lenses edward has!! :)

  • Mary

    Hey "romanticfool," Where did all that hate come from??? Seems like the issue is taking a lot of skin off your nose! Why do you find Kristen so threatening? I'm a straight women who loves Rob & thinks he's "all that" but I have no problem with Kristen (straight or gay...with or without Rob). She is REALLY young and still inventing herself. I give her a lot of credit for being courageous & trying lots of parts & for not being detered by the slings & arrows of the J E A L O U S hoards.

  • Chris

    The answer is simple. Outting the truth about lesbo Stewart didn't get as many page hits and thus ad payments as the whole Robsten thing. and face it, celebuzz and the rest are about making money first and foremost

  • Steff17

    great couple!!

  • amandabratch

    movie sad just in i think you me amanda bratch 26 years l old 26 amanda fans Robert pattinson love movie like robert friend amanda

  • Callie

    I adore Rob!! He really tries so hard not to talk about his personal life and I respect that!! He and Kristen are so well suited and make a great couple!

  • romanticfool

    Please explain this Celebuzz type www. and then copy the link Why did you put this up on your site and now push the RIDICULOUS Rob/Kristen fantasy??? Two people can be friends with out benefits when they are as polar opposite as these two.. Do your own research and google it.. Stop the bull it is ruining his career to be linked to a train wreck like her.

  • romanticfool

    Her fans consist of nasty, cursing girls, Krisbians, gays, goths, punks and stoners.. Kristen Stewart is the biggest fraud and worst behaved scandalous loser to ever be thrust at young people in history.. If her fans get off the gossip websites and boards, maybe the 95% of the population of teens that don't relate to her or admire her will not be exposed to the sexual talk, bad grammar, terrible spelling, cursing and inability to accept another view point politely ALWAYS demonstrated by Kristen's "lovely" fans. ,

  • romanticfool

    How is Rob managing to fly with a barely housebroken dog and keep him in a hotel room? Rob has never referred to the dog as his and Kristen's. She has her own He has never referred to her as his girlfriend. In fact, in every interview, he goes out of his way to say "rumored relationship with my costar" like in the recent InStyle Magazine Italy, Harper's Bazaar and GQ. Also, why did Celebuzz have a poll on which hot FEMALE Kristen should date next? Did everyone miss that Kristen came out at the Sundance Film Fest?? On Runaways DVD, at Eclipse when the dipstick said to the fans when asked for advice "Be healthy and fxxx everyone"... and then her manager, Lindsey Lohan's former manager, laughed and thought it was so funny as did Kristen.. Go on You Tube and put "Kristen Stewart's happy moments" there are dozens but many have been removed..... Kristen is gay. They are friends.. Summit was worried about how the mostly traditional fan base would accept a gay girl with the hottest guy in the world. She was outed last year by Perez Hilton and there is a reason why Ellen does not have her on her show. Nobody likes a strange, hostile, vulgar, conniving bratty punk who pretends to be something she isn't and rides on Rob's coat tails. Stop misleading these young fans Celebuzz... Who Rob is really dating is far more interesting. Kristen is not wanted by anyone. According to Life & Style, they will leave no doubt that they are not together when the Breaking Dawn promo is done....... Of course, silly teens who read fiction on sites about their "epic love" are understandably confused. Fact: She is gay Fact: He is not Fact: PR & Damage control in over drive Fact: Rob is the star and she is disliked by anyone with half a brain and that does not want her near our kids or promoted as a role model. She is not fit for public display..Research it on your own. Every interview from the first she curses is strange, shocking or hostile......

  • edwardbella2

    I agree with Rob...why the hell is his personal life being made a source of entertainment !!And surely he is an animal lover so it would definately hurt him if his pet gets hurt.

  • Kristina Stadnick
    Kristina Stadnick

    Rob is hott as always, but I am not really liking the brown suite. He looks better in blue.

  • Nera

    uhm....london513. have you seen Water for Elephants? And have you seen pictures of bear? Because those are two very different dogs. entirely different. so I guess you need to get your story straight. and for the fictional relationship....think whatever you think..if it makes you feel better ;)

  • p.

    london513, just shut up, okay? Have you seen pics of Bear? Well, clearly you have not. There are some pics of Bear with John (KRISTEN'S ASSISTEN, YES) and he IS NOT Queenie from WFE and Rob has said lots of times that he adopted Bear in LOUSIANA! I guess it's not Celebuzz who needs to get their story straight, after all. You haters are so stupid that make me laugh.

  • nice

    lol stop lying Queenie and bear are two different dogs. look at the pictures picture of Queenie from set and look at the picture of Bear they're NOT the same. and Rob did say in an interview that he adopted bear from Louisiana. He never said anything about meeting the dog on the WFE set. Stop trolling and making up lies you Nonsten!

  • Dawn

    Yes he did adopt Bear in Baton Rouge Louisiana well after he finshed filming on Water for Elephants. Rob himself said so in an interview with MTV. Bear's full name is Yogi Bear because that's who he looks like. You can watch the interview on youtube or on

  • Linsey

    I so love them, they are adorable together. They deserve to live their private lives as privately as they can/want. They are a couple that chose not to talk about their private lives and I totally respect that. Bear looks so adorable!

  • london513

    Celebuzz really needs to get their story straight or I suppose I should praise them for pulling people in with their twisted, misleading headlines. Bear was not adopted in Louisiana during Breaking Dawn. Bear was Queenie in Water For Elephants where Rob was first introduced to him and thus formed a bond. Rob (just Rob!) adopted him after filming was over when he was told Bear may go back to the shelter. I guess I can see Celebuzz's angle here (obviously pro Robsten), but let's face facts. Twilight is done filming and will be over with in 2 years. Then, the allure of a real life Bella and Edward will be over and we will have another fictional relationship to read about.

  • Rodica


  • juno

    sorry rob but we really cant help it and we dont use you for entertainment, we just love you in an obsessive sort of way

  • Johanna (Swedish Amazon)
    Johanna (Swedish Amazon)

    Robert Pattinson is just so cute and gorgeous! Even though I have a boyfriend, I’d still be a cougar for him! OMG I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! :)
 treated myself to a thai massage today and am still giggling over the female masseuse’s major fascination by my BIG beautiful butt hahha… It’s mesmerising!

  • Tayly Fan
    Tayly Fan

    I really love them as a couple! They are amazing.. <3