Mommy & Me! Miley Cyrus Out to Lunch with Tish & Noah (PHOTOS)

Miley Gone Wild
The most risque outfits Miss Cyrus has donned.
Miley Cyrus spent some time with her ladies! The singer/actress grabbed some lunch in Los Angeles with mom Tish and sister Noah, who were having a Style Showdown.

The mother and daughter stepped out wearing the same casual getup: gray sweatpants, flip-flops and black v-neck T-shirts. Meanwhile, Miley was dressed in leggings and a long blouse.

The pop star recently returned to Twitter, and has already been making headlines with her tweets.

Miley posted a pic of her new tattoo earlier this month with a message that read: 

“Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love summer time :)”

Yes, there were indeed “piggy tails,” but there was also a big dreamcatcher tattoo that can be seen on her side beneath her armpit. She also got called out when she posted a hashtag about going braless. The teen sensation wrote in response: 

“It’s hilarious to me that “is Miley Cyrus not wearing a bra a big deal?” is actually a head line HAHA.”

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