Natalie Portman Looks Ready to Pop (PHOTOS)

A very pregnant Natalie Portman was spotted walking her dog in New York City Wednesday and she looks like she is this close to giving birth. Nat has kept her due date a mystery, but we can't imagine she has too much farther to go. 

Keeping it comfy in black leggings and purple flowing tee-shirt, the Oscar winning actress puts her best face forward for the awaiting paprazzi.

Nat is starring in the upcoming blockbuster Thor with Chris Hemsworth, out May 6, but we're not expecting to see her make too many promotional rounds. The mother-to-be should definitely be resting!

Hey, if Chris keeps talking about his "impressive piece of equipment" the film will open at number 1! 

Portman met her fiance and soon-to-be-co-parent Benjamin Millepied on the set of Black Swan, where Benjamin co-starred and choreographed most of the dance scenes in the film. Until the announcement of Portman’s pregnancy, the public didn’t even know the two were a couple.

Since announcing their coupledom, the two have kept a fairly low profile, save for some choice words when Natalie was accepting her various awards for her stunning turn in Swan.

They haven't given any indication as to when their baby is due, but Portman initially said she'd be giving birth in the summer.



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  • sam

    Natalie for your best look use styling tools

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    What she's thinking in these pics is extremely subjective, unless you guys can read minds? Because that would be cool.

  • *

    The photogs are evil! she clearly does not want her photo taken, she's very pregnant, and just wants to take her dog for a walk. Let her be!

  • owliegrowlie

    Isn't it obvious that she doesn't want to be photographed? I think it is below Celebuzz to publish photos where a person is obviously trying to hide and is visibly angry at being photographed. Have more decency!