Robert Pattinson Brings the Handsome to Berlin (PHOTOS)

Robert's Sexiest Looks
The British hottie sure knows how to work it!
Robert Pattinson is going global with his brooding stare, and on Wednesday he graced the fine people of Germany with his chiseled cheekbones and good looks.

Pattinson was in Berlin to promote the release of Water for Elephants in Germany. Want to know what that title translates to in German? Wasser fuer die Elefanten! Which sounds sexier to you?

Elephants opened up on Easter weekend in the U.S. and performed a bit sluggishly at the box office. It opened in third place, taking in just shy of $17 million over the holiday. However, Tyler Perry’s Big Happy Family and Rio both topped the $25 million mark.

It’s been a whirlwind week for Pattinson. Aside from his press tour for Water, he spent Easter weekend in the tropical luxury of St. Thomas, where he and Kristen Stewart were filming some steamy love scenes for the upcoming Breaking Dawn films in the Twilight Saga. Photos of the two frolicking in the water had Robsten fans drooling on Tuesday, but it their passionate embraces were strictly for the movie.

The Twilight duo were in New York City recently for the premiere of Pattinson’s film, and as they tried to make their getaway in a car, Pattinson leaned in for a kiss, causing Stewart to bashfully turn away knowing that dozens of photographers were snapping away outside.