Robert Pattinson's Berlin Dinner Date (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson shared a meal with a female other than Kristen Stewart? Technically, yes, but relax Robstenites: By the looks of everything, it was just some friends and industry people enjoying a post-publicity dinner.The young Hollywood hottie took time away from promoting Water for Elephants--which opened up on Easter weekend in the U.S. making just over $16 million--in Berlin, Germany to enjoy dinner at Bocca di Bacco restaurant with friends.

Pattinson, who was recently photographed getting steamy on set with his Breaking Dawn co-star and off-screen love interest Kristen Stewart, appeared to be locked in an engaging exchange of words with the mystery lady. The romantic side of us hopes and thinks Rob was simply telling his gal pal about how much he loves K-Stew and how he'd rather be sharing a night out with her. 


Check out photos of Pattinson’s big night out in Berlin.



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  • crmomof2

    He seems to be a having a conversation with everyone at the table, not the blond person sitting at the table. For the most part he isn't even looking at the "blond". There's nothing "romantic" about these pictures. It looks like he is with associates just eating dinner. Some of the people looks a lot older than him.



  • edwardbella2

    It's his agent stephenie ritz.Robsten are only meant for each other and may they stay together happily(amen).he is looking decent!!

  • Paris Milton
    Paris Milton

    Robert Pattinson is a wonderful guy, extremely handsome, and has an accent. For all you guys out there, be headstrong. Girls like strong men that aren’t afraid to show their true feelings at times. We need to know you’re reliable, say what you mean, and will always take care of us.

  • Johanna (Swedish Amazon)
    Johanna (Swedish Amazon)

    Robert Pattinson is just so cute and gorgeous! Even though I have a boyfriend, I’d still be a cougar for him! OMG I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! :)
 treated myself to a thai massage today and am still giggling over the female masseuse’s major fascination by my BIG beautiful butt hahha… It’s mesmerising!

  • Sisi

    Yeah, Celebuzz, you know what he was talking about. Bullshit.

  • EM

    that "mysterious blonde" is probably one of his sisters...

  • Tayly Fan
    Tayly Fan

    Gosh, respect his privacy!! >.<

  • vanessa

    Lol, Oh Celebuzz. Nice drama grabbing headline. The blonde is his agent: Steph Ritz

  • Tricia

    He's so cute! But hats in a fancy restaurant? Not good, lol. Glad he got a relaxing night. And FYI, the "mystery lady" is his agent Stephanie Ritz:)