‘Thor’ Stud Chris Hemsworth Talks About His ‘Impressive Piece of Equipment’

'Thor' Photocall
Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet.
Holy hotness! Chris Hemsworth reveals what it takes to be a mighty superhero in the new Interview magazine (out May 3) — from the flowing hair to understanding Norse mythology and, of course, learning how to handle Thor’s big hammer.

What does it take to yield the mighty Mjolnir? Chris says of the mythical weapon:

It is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. It was quite heavy, so that helped with the stunts. If it was too light, you would swing it around like a toothpick and it wouldn’t look impressive. When there is some weight to it and you have to physically use your shoulder and back, it gives you a sense of power. I got very comfortable holding it. When I did the earthbound scenes without it, I felt naked.

If any of those props go missing, the actor says it wasn’t him!:

My older brother told me, ‘Make sure you keep a hammer,’ but I forgot and missed my opportunity. I could sell it on eBay and make a quick buck.

To get the flowing golden mane of a God, Chris admits he needed a little help in the hair department:

It was more of a wig. It wasn’t full scalp, but the majority. There were sections on the sides of my scalp where it was my hair amongst it.

He also submerged himself in the character by reading comics and mythology books:

I knew about the character, but I never read the comics as a kid. Getting involved in the film was my introduction to it. Then I was inundated with many copies of Thor comics—the guys at Marvel gave me a stack. I also read a lot of books on Norse mythology.

Read the full interview at Interview magazine’s website.