Three Cheers! Kendall Jenner's First Magazine Cover! (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner is officially a cover girl!

The 15-year-old reality star scored the cover of American Cheerleader magazine, and her sisters are beyond thrilled! Khloe Kardashian couldn't help but share the news on her blog, writing:

"Hi dolls! As the proud big sister that I am, I of course had to post Kendall's very FIRST cover! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! She absolutely loves cheerleading at her school so I know this magazine meant a lot to her :) Can you believe how stunning she looks?! I mean, what is going on here??? I used to change her diapers! LOL. Congrats Kenny!!!! I die for you."
Meanwhile, Kendall's big sis Kim has been disclosing pics from her latest cover girl project. The reality star gave her fans an inside look at her steamy photo shoot with Cosmo UK, showing off photos from the magazine that leave little doubt that these sisters know how to turn some heads!



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  • sin

    At least she is modeling for something age appropriate.

  • Han

    The same reason people look at car crashes. We just want to be there when the skank does skanky things for cash, like keeping a two million dollar ring. That is what skanks do.

  • shamera

    She kind of favors Kim Kardashian in this photo...=) its pretty

  • livesinafairytale

    Then why are you looking at pictures of them? If you think so lowly of them, why would you waste your time looking at pictures of them? OH WAIT, WAIT -- I KNOW!! -- Because you have no life.

  • anita


  • Bianca Michelle Jaime
  • Taylor

    Pretty =B

  • Nisah

    and she is taller than most 15 year olds..she has that modeling body..tall and skinner..Kim is a different type of model than her because Kim she much shorter and not as skinny (not calling her fat..she is just thicker)

  • voice of reason
    voice of reason

    Woooow she looks so much like Kendall jajajaja why does everyone have to compare she is beutifull because there is only one Kendall in the world and maby she has some things from her mom cause shes her mooom.

  • FRank

    OMG very pretty u should go to bahamas some time !!!

  • Chloe

    She looks so much like Selena Gomez here in my opinion!!

  • klumsy

    actually ur wrong she is not a Kardashian she is a Jenner thats a big difference

  • Thors944

    Skanks.... all the Kardashians are skanks.... no more, no less.

  • dae14

    I actually thinks Kylie look better

  • Heather Taylor
    Heather Taylor

    Kendall, your a beaut<3

  • Hades Alison Saint-James
    Hades Alison Saint-James

    She looks so much like Kris. So pretty! Love the outfit, especially the shoes!!

  • Angelalovesyouback

    She looks different here! :)

  • Felicia Richard
    Felicia Richard

    she looks stunning! >.<

  • Katie Rambo Cordero
    Katie Rambo Cordero

    i love the pictures you go girl you & your family are amazing i love you girls...xoxoxo

  • Naomi

    what a beauty. Most beautiful that her sisters.

  • sam

    Kardashian for your best look use styling tools

  • Sara

    love love it, minus the socks..

  • hii

    i actually think shes not that pretty at all... the only reason she gets modeling jobs is cus shes a kardashian she looks like an other average 15 year old walking down the street and if thats the best she could look with hair makeup lighting and photoshop thats not too good :/

  • carolina

    shes so pretty

  • allie

    love it :P she is beautiful !

  • chrisybabii

    wooow she looks a lot like khloe u guys r soo pretty :)

  • livesinafairytale

    She looks gorgeous..

  • bessie

    Um... Is she even a cheerleader?

  • Sarah Jonas Jaundrill
    Sarah Jonas Jaundrill

    Gosh she looks soooo different from when i saw her last in The Kardashians programme.

  • Joe

    camel toe much?

  • John Charles Connolly
    John Charles Connolly

    soo gorgeous

  • Chasity

    My fave! :)

  • Chasity

    She looks like Katherine Mcphee a little... She's beautiful! :)

  • claudialimon

    Smile :D

  • claudialimon

    I love this girl cheerleader I always want to be one :')