Adam Lambert Has a Hairy Situation at 28th ASCAP Pop Music Awards (PHOTOS)

Glambert & Nikka Get Down
Adam Lambert Nikka Costa
Adam Lambert and Nikka Costa jam on a new single! Read More »

Things got a little hairy for Adam Lambert at the 28th ASCAP Pop Music Awards on Wednesday.

The American Idol alum arrived at the red carpet in Hollywood sporting wicked facial hair and sky-hair hair. Wow! What do you think of his wild look?

Adam was joined by Ke$ha to present the “Songwriter of the Year” award to co-winners Dr. Luke Gottwald and Max Martin, who won for Adam’s hit single "Whataya Want From Me."

Adam has been coy about his new sophomore album, but did confirmed that he's working with several collaborators, including Nikka Costa, Ryan Tedder, BC Jean and Sia Furler.

Nikka even posted a video of her and Adam belting out a new tune. Although it was obviously a joke, the video is pretty hilarious. Check it out:



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  • Atana

    He is beautiful and his sound is prefekt

  • Jet

    Gad Adam looks HOT, HOT, Hot!!!

  • Beylyn

    He looks like a prettier Dave Navarro.

  • AZLadyWolf

    The look is just AWESOME and totally BADASS! I'm lovin' it..... You Rock, Adam!!!!!!

  • Eden Logan
    Eden Logan

    Has he ever really kept one look for longer than a week? LOL! I love him :) I absolutely love with a passion his sense of style. Adam is Xcitement. He's hot and sexy and likes to dress up. This current look is A++++++ yummy! The Hair is my love ♥ The higher the better. During the Twitter party he was asked if he was gonna keep the goatee. His answer is golden: "Keep it? It's not a dog" LMFAO Adam you're so preshhhhhh-uusssssss!

  • anonimous

    Adam, Adam,. You can't immagine how much I love ! But man, that look was so bad for you! Just forget about my opinion, I am nobody. PLEASE do yourself a huge favor and hire a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST to explain you what went wrong. Even tough I appreciate your creativity and your desire to surprise, there a bad surprises. This one was a kind of bad.

  • Jade

    He looks like a cartoon! He could play in an anime series.

  • Shannon

    Geez! Between the boots and the hair, Adam must have been 6'9"! No wonder he looked like a giant next to Paul Williams! Adam rocks any look he tries. Love the evil twin.