Hugh Jackman No Longer Kristen Stewart's Leading Man

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The search for Kristen Stewart's leading man continues. Onscreen, that is. EW confirms that Hugh Jackman is no longer in talks to join Kristen and Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Viggo Mortensen was initially in negotiations for the part but dropped out in March. So where does the film stand now?

Sources confirm to Celebuzz that the studio is still aiming to start filming by September. Although Kristen Stewart has yet to officially confirm she is Snow White, we're assured she is still on board.

Glad Taylor Lautner said he didn't feel like he had to choose sides! Lautner's girlfriend Lily Collins is playing Snow White alongside Julia Roberts in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.

So time to chime in readers: who would you like to see on the big screen with Kristen and Charlize? And remember...supposedly K.Stew will have an onscreen kiss with said huntsman!



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  • edwardbella2

    She is only perfect with Rob isn't it?Well i feel like so...

  • Never would have thought
    Never would have thought

    Wow! I just googled all of them and I like all of them! I never even heard of half of them before but I like it!!! I loved Josh in Wicker Park.

  • Manly men
    Manly men

    Here are my possible choices. I love Robert but we need an older and very masculine man to play the huntsman. aidan turner * jensen ackles colin farrell josh hartnett liam mcintyre richard armitage chris hemsworth even though this last one is far fetched... adam levine would be cool :)

  • pitu

    and rob? what not rob like the huntsman ?