Justin Bieber Gives Sydney a Bit of the Fever (PHOTOS)

Even in the far away continent of Australia, thousands of Justin Bieber fans sit around just waiting for the moment they might get a glimpse of their pop hero. On Wednesday night, they got their chance, as Biebs wowed the crowd at a capacity concert in Sydney.

Bieber put on his usual show judging by the photos — you know, hoodies, sunglasses, lots of pointing — and the fans ate it up.
Before the show began, there were rumors in the lead-up that Justin might be canceling the show for unknown reasons. However, a quick Twitter post dispelled any questions, as Bieber wrote: “I dont cancel…In route to Sydney!! THE SHOW IS ON!! I dont let my fans down! LEGGO!! #myworldtour”

If you weren’t able to catch Bieber at the Sydney show, there’s another place you might find him while he’s Down Under. To support the release of his movie there, Bieber wrote: “#NEVERSAYNEVER3D is playing in theatres here in AUSTRALIA…might have to pop in on a few theatres.”

Now that would be a pretty sweet surprise.