Kate Hudson Was a 10 Pound Baby! (VIDEO)

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If Goldie Hawn’s delivery of Kate Hudson is any indication of things to come, Kate may be having a very big baby!

The pregnant actress revealed on the Late Show with David Letterman that her mother loves to tell the story about how the doctors thought she was a boy. “I had a big head,” Kate told the talk show host. “I was 10 pounds!”  Kate explained that when the doctors saw her big head, they thought she was a male. She joked, “Because I looked masculine … and then they saw the rest of me.” 

Aside from baby stories, Kate also gave a big announcement on the TODAY show on Wednesday!

Hudson told anchor Matt Lauer that she and boyfriend Matthew Bellamy, who sings for the hit rock band Muse, will be tying the knot at some point. It seemed to be a fairly standard interview until Lauer noticed the whopping rock on Kate’s hand. “Could you place your hand in my hand for a second? I just want to see something,” Lauer asked a laughing Hudson.

“This is new! I’m engaged! It just happened a week ago. I’m so glad you noticed! I haven’t really announced it. I was just waiting for someone to notice,” a joyous Kate announced.

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