Nicole Richie Looks Super Fit in a Bikini (PHOTOS)

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Hot mama! Nicole Richie reminds us that swimsuit season is right around the corner as she lounges in a bikini poolside in Miami Thursday.

The mother of two looks amazing as she relaxes with friends in a striped two-piece. All of those gym sessions are certainly paying off!

Nic has been spotted working out with celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson.

So why the Florida getaway? Mrs. Madden spent the day at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables, FL hosting a trunk show for her Winter Kate collection. Husband Joel Madden is just as busy, he's currently overseas with Good Charlotte on tour.



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  • liz

    I'm built just like that naturally. Doesn't mean we're starving ourselves. I do agree that they need to stop telling everyone what sexy is (typically pretty thin), but everyone comes in different sizes. I'm kinda skinny too, and I spend hundreds of dollars on food a month lol. But just imagine this, I get a little jealous of girls who have more curves. And they're ALL OVER magazines as well. From your standard they may still be thin, but I don't have hips or boobs like that. Guess its all opinion.

  • GrossGreg

    Not sure what your problem is. She actually looks quite healthy, especially compared to the skeletal photos that surfaced a few years ago.

  • lola

    So I guess any teenager looking at her ribs sticking out will think that it is ok to be that thin and aspire to look that way too?? I don't think so. the media needs to stop making young impressionable people think that underweight celebrities are what they should strive to look like!!! ugh!!!!