Rihanna Gets a Full Body Scan, Fulfills Someone’s Dreams (PHOTOS)

Rihanna's Wildest Outfits
Ri-Ri is a pro when it comes to provocative.
One TSA agent had a very good day on Wednesday when Rihanna came through a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

Male or female, the fact that you’re getting paid to frisk Rihanna is a pretty good gig if you ask us. And that’s exactly what happened to one lucky worker when the red-haired and hot-bodied songstress came through. Sporting a grey tank-top and short-shorts, Rihanna happily obliged when she was asked to take part in a full body scan.
Those pictures are definitely worth some money.

Rihanna’s been riding high on the success of her hit single “S&M” lately, and now it’s got even more legs thanks to the remix with none other than Britney Spears. Give it a listen below:

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